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Museum aiming to ignite interest with new cannon

Posted onPosted on 5th Aug
Museum aiming to ignite interest with new cannon

A new exhibit at Newark’s National Civil War Centre is aiming to get visitors all fired up this summer. The replica 17th Century cannon took up residence in the museum’s foyer last week after being rehomed from Colonel Richard Bagot’s Regiment of Foote, one of the oldest regiments within the famous Sealed Knot Society.

The fully functioning cannon was manufactured in the 1980s and has since gone on to be fired at re-enactment events across the country. It is believed to have been one of several made from the same mould with a barrel cast around a steel tube inner liner.

It was a 5 man mission to unload the cannon and transport it carefully into the museum and now that it’s in place, the team are sure that it will spark the fascination of visitors both young and old.

Kevin Winter, Collections and Exhibitions Assistant at the National Civil War Centre, said: “It’s such a fantastic thing for visitors to be able to see this brilliant reproduction of a Civil War cannon up close.

“It makes a great experience to walk to the museum past Newark Castle or St Mary Magdalene Church, seeing the damage caused by cannons like it, and then see one for yourself. We do hope to get it out in use at some future events, of course with gunpowder only, not shot!”

Graham Cooley, current Commanding Officer of Col. Richard Bagot’s Regiment, said: “In recent years the cannon has been underused in re-enactment events. The Sealed Knot is an educational charity and by passing the cannon to the museum, Col. Richard Bagot’s Regiment is both fulfilling these aims and pleased to be supporting this important attraction by providing the first artillery piece for their displays. We would also like to thank B and H Construction, a local builder based in Newark, for their assistance in transporting the cannon to the museum.”

The National Civil War Centre is open Wednesday to Saturday from 10am to 3pm and entry slots can be booked at As well as the draw of the cannon, visitors can also enjoy craft activities running throughout the summer and the top floor galleries Fake News, which have reopened this week.