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Mum’s plea to still use hospital services

Posted onPosted on 20th Apr

A Mansfield family and Sherwood Forest Hospitals Trust – which runs King’s Mill Hospital, Sutton; Mansfield Community Hospital and Newark Hospital – is highlighting the importance of still using our emergency services as usual if people or their loved ones are unwell.

A spokesman for the trust said: “We know that during these unprecedented times it can be really daunting for people, but please bring your loved ones who are unwell to us as soon as possible or dial 999.”

One Mansfield man, who had to take her daughter to the Emergency Department recently, is keen to get the message out there and let everyone know about the importance of acting quickly and taking your loved ones to hospital if you need to.

Terri Walker delayed taking her eight-year-old daughter, Lilly, to Sherwood Forest Hospitals Emergency Department because she was so concerned about coronavirus and the effects it is having on hospital services.

However, following advice from her GP, Terri took Lilly to hospital. Terri said: “Lilly had been really tired and lethargic and really just not herself for a couple of days, but I was worried about bothering the health services at this time.

“Normally I would have taken her straight to her GP, but it was the Easter bank holiday weekend and I didn’t know if they were open, so we were really unsure of what to do. We rang 111 but she didn’t have a temperature and because her only symptoms at the time were that she was just tired, they were not concerned at this stage. Even we thought it might just be the stresses and changes due to the lock down situation.

“Eventually though as time went on and she wasn’t getting better we got an appointment with her GP from Millview Surgery, who gave us brilliant advice and we took her straight in as we just knew she wasn’t right. Under normal circumstances I would have definitely taken her in sooner.

“I was expecting a really panicked and overrun Emergency Department, but it was so calm and organised and everyone was brilliant and worked so quickly on Lilly. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and was extremely dehydrated, so they took her through to ‘resus’ really quickly.

“It was a really scary time, but I can’t thank the doctors and nurses enough who worked on Lilly and made her better so quickly and I really would like to urge fellow parents to act quickly if their child is sick and not to delay, as hospitals are still open to care for other people who don’t have coronavirus.”

Lilly spent four days at King’s Mill Hospital, learning with her parents about her condition and how to manage it. Terri added: “I’m so proud of her, she’s taken it all in her stride and just got used to everything so quickly, even doing her injections herself. The ward were also brilliant, making sure we were comfortable giving injections and learning about Type 1 Diabetes, they were so supportive.”

Consultant paediatrician and service director for paediatrics, Helena Clements said: “We would urge parents to seek medical advice as soon as possible if they are concerned about their child, as you will be treated as a priority as is usual under normal circumstances. GP practices are open as normal and can see patients face to face after a telephone triage. If your child seems extremely unwell we would urge you to bring them to our Emergency Department or dial 999, as all services are operating as normal.

“Please don’t delay because of Coronavirus, we are working really hard across our hospitals to ensure that clinical areas maintain strict infection control processes, so it is still a safe environment to bring your child to if you need to.”

Thilan Bartholomeuz, local GP and clinical lead for Mid Nottinghamshire Integrated Care Partnership, added: “Please do not think all we are focused on is coronavirus. Our GPs and emergency services are still here for you so if you have a sick child or think you are having a heart attack or stroke it is critical you use the NHS as you normally would.”