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How to lose your lockdown weight without dieting

Posted onPosted on 13th Aug
How to lose your lockdown weight without dieting

These last few months have been very challenging to us all and many people have turned to comfort eating in an attempt to make themselves feel better, says clinical therapist Margaret Turner.

She writes:

As we come out of lockdown it’s time to address the situation but maybe it’s time for a new approach.

Whether you’ve put weight on during lockdown or you’ve always had problems controlling your weight, wouldn’t it be great if you could shed those extra stones and pounds without dieting?

Maybe in the past you have been on different diets and have lost weight by calorie control, will power or simply starving yourself.

Whilst this can work it usually means that you’ve had to deprive yourself of food you love to eat, only to put all the weight back on (and sometimes more besides) when the diet ends. This is called a yo-yo cycle which hypnotherapy can completely change.

Our therapy practice has been helping people change their mind set around food for many years now with our very successful Weight Management Programme. But it is not a diet — you can eat what you want, when you want. Now if that sounds crazy to you, let’s just say that the emphasis is on the word ‘want’.

Hypnotherapy re-odes the subconscious mind to change the bad eating habits you may have got into so that you only want the foods that are good for you.

After treatment your subconscious mind will make some subtle adjustments to your eating habits and you will not only lose weight but it will stay off permanently.

If you‘ve tried every diet and are disillusioned with dieting then give me a call to find out more about our Weight Management Programme on 01623 556234.

You can either book private 1:1 sessions or you can join our Zoom Group sessions which start in September ­— just go to to find out more.

Together we can make your weight problems a thing of the past.

Margaret Turner,
Clinical hypnotherapist,
Clem and Margaret Turner Therapy Practice,