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Healthy fun at school

Posted onPosted on 12th Apr

Youngsters at St Peter’s Cross Keys Church of England Academy in Farndon have started a timetable of exciting events aimed at ensuring their physical health and wellbeing is in top shape to support their learning.

The timetable includes future workshops in archery, skipping, scooter and basketball, as well as their first lesson in skateboarding.

Charlene Fraser, PE lead at the school, says that the workshops will help children’s fitness levels, building on their core strength, as well as being great fun to take part in.

“These are the sort of activities that children are doing less of in the face of increased use of technology in children’s spare time,” she said.

“During the pandemic there has also been the added issue that after-school sports clubs were cancelled, like gymnastics, football and swimming, and so some children have been missing out on their usual activities.

“By setting out this exciting series of events, we wanted to try to remedy this shortfall.

“Hopefully we have chosen activities that are a little different and will allow children to learn some new skills and benefit from the exercise. The children have been amazing during the skateboarding workshop; they are laughing and enjoying themselves and showing great resilience when learning a new trick.”

Pupil Lucas Cooper, 8, said: “We went on our tummies on the skateboard, and it was really good. It was fun and quite tiring.”
Nine-year-old Harry Palmer added: “It has been tiring. We have to wear a helmet, arm and knee pads too. I have had a go at all of the tricks and have enjoyed it.

“I do have a skateboard but haven’t been on it for a while, so I have really enjoyed doing it again.

“The best part, like Lucas said, was going on our tummies and although some parts were difficult, I have had great fun!”

Cosmin Stan, from Team Rubicon, was the children’s teacher and said all of the equipment was prepared and cleaned to meet Covid-19 safety standards.

“We start right from the basics of getting on and off the skateboards safely and progressing through to riding the skateboard and doing some little tricks,” he said.

“It’s a great sport for young people, it requires the use of all of your body, not just your legs, as you use your arms to balance, building your core strength.

“Children make rapid progress during the workshop and as children are working in small groups to support and help each other, they are able to accomplish a lot in the time we are here.

“Their confidence builds throughout and it is satisfying to see their enjoyment and progress.”

Pupil Elsie Dews, 8, added: “I have enjoyed the skateboarding class, ten out of ten! My favourite part was riding across the playground.”

Bluebell Alexander, 8, agreed, saying: “My favourite bit was also riding across the playground, but I also learned how to jump on the skateboard.

“We have all been helping each other to try new things and the teacher is really good at explaining how to do the tricks and stay safe. I think it would take me two years to be as good as the teacher.”

Nine-year-old Jessica Arnold said: “I like it but I did worry about falling at the beginning. My friends have been helping me by holding my hands and I did flip the skateboard and stand on it. The teacher who is showing us how to do things skates like a professional!”

Lacey Jones, 8, said “I think all of the tricks we did are really cool but if I had to choose one favourite it was where you stand on the skateboard and flick the end up.

“I don’t have a skateboard at home, so it’s been really good that I have been able to do lots of new things. I think my school is really cool for letting us try new things like this.”