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Healthy choices on the timetable for youngsters

Posted onPosted on 23rd Jul

Children at St Peter’s Cross Keys Church of England Academy, Farndon, have been exploring ways to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Charlene Fraser, Year 4 class teacher, said: “The idea behind our Health Day was to provide children with a fun and immersive experience that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

“It’s so important for children to understand that ‘health’ extends beyond physical fitness to emotional wellbeing and positive mental health too, and this has been an opportunity to discuss and define what health means to the children themselves.”

Pupils took part in a range of planned activities, including outdoor adventure games to promote team building and problem-solving skills. They also created, sampled and evaluated a range of healthy food dishes, took part in meditation and yoga, and read for pleasure.

Charlene added: “We hope this was an experience that children will not only remember, but also one that will promote ongoing discussions both in school and at home.”

Year 1 pupil Ruby said: “We have been putting fruit on to sticks and it was yummy. My favourite is the watermelon.”

Fellow Year 1 pupil Rosie added: “I like being healthy and my favourite fruit so far is strawberry, but I also like to eat apples.”

Year 3 pupil Enya said: “We have been making sandwich kebabs and sweet sushi for healthy schools day. We have also made carrot cake cookies.

“I have enjoyed making my own food for school lunch and looking at healthy options and activities with my teachers.”