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‘Draw strength from wartime sacrifices on VE Day commemorations’

Posted onPosted on 7th May

The leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, Kay Cutts, has shared a message ahead of VE Day 75 echoing that communities will channel 1945 spirit over the lockdown Bank Holiday weekend.

She said: “This Friday, May 8th marks a milestone in our shared history. It was the day that Britain’s lights came back on after six years of darkness.

“Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced the end of the War in Europe and said: “We allow ourselves a brief period of rejoicing but let us not forget for a moment the toils and efforts that lie ahead. In our long history we have never seen a greater day than this…

“These solemn words echoed across the Commonwealth and Empire.

“The will-power, determination and resolve shown by the war time generation provides many parallels with our current situation. They like us were devoted to a common purpose. Their example provides a shining light as now we must all endure an ongoing period of challenge and change.

“So, as we strive towards a day when our freedoms are once again restored, let us remember what has gone before, let us draw strength from their sacrifice and endurance, and say thank you.

“Of course, the planned street parties, events and celebrations have had to be cancelled but we can still commemorate the day from the comfort of our own homes.

“On our website we have a range of activities to make the day special from quizzes and children’s craft activities to war time recipes and sing-a-longs. We’re encouraging people to take part in the nation’s toast for the Heroes of World War II by raising a cuppa at 3pm and toasting those who gave so much.

“You can explore the history of the time through Inspire, our cultural partner by visiting their picture archives which include hundreds of photos on Wartime in Nottinghamshire, The Home Front, Evacuation, The Land Army and the Home Guard.

“As part of the day’s commemorations we’d love to see photos and hear stories and memories from those who experienced VE Day or stories that have been passed down in your families. If you could share your photos and stories with us on Facebook and Twitter and use #Notts75 or #NottsRemembers we would be very grateful.

“In these days of uncertainty, it is somewhat comforting to look back on our proud history and celebrate the men and women who fought for our country, their ultimate sacrifice, was their lives, for our freedom.

“Thank you will never be enough, to the countless military personnel, past and present who protect us. Without their commitment and perseverance, we would not know our freedom as we do today.”