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Certificate to thank young people for staying at home

Posted onPosted on 24th Apr

Nottinghamshire Police’s Chief Constable Craig Guildford is thanking young people for staying at home to prevent the spread of coronavirus as part of an initiative by Nottingham’s Lord Lieutenant, Sir John Peace.

Sir John has created a certificate, with the help of staff from St Giles’ Special School, Nottingham, which teachers, parents and carers can download for young people who are following the rules.

The #ThankOurChildren campaign recognises the determination, resilience and motivation of children and young people, which is helping the national effort in succeeding together during the coronavirus outbreak.

Chief Constable Guildford said: “I’m delighted to lend my support to this scheme and to say thank you to the many thousands of young people across Nottinghamshire who are doing the right thing.

“I know it’s really difficult at the moment, particularly with the sun shining, wanting to get back to school, to play out with friends – but we need to beat this virus and it will be over soon.

“So thank you for staying in, for staying safe and for helping the NHS. Together we will beat this.”

Sir John Peace said: “We are living through a period which is very difficult for children and young people to go outside and play with their friends, to go to parks and to do things which used to be fun. But their efforts are making a difference to so many peoples’ lives and I just wanted to thank every single one of them, for all that they are doing.”