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Academy revved up for a drive-by graduation

Posted onPosted on 5th Aug

Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy has hosted its first drive-by graduation for its Year 6 leavers.

Deputy head Jenny Pavier said staff wanted to give children a special way to mark their final day at the school.

“We wanted to ensure that the children marked the end of their primary education in a memorable way with their families whilst still ensuring social distancing,” she added.

“We also wanted the opportunity to say goodbye in person to the children who have chosen to continue to work from home during these last few weeks.

“The drive-by graduation seemed like the perfect solution and creating the leavers’ video meant that memories from staff and pupils can still be shared and enjoyed by everyone.”

Pupils arrived by family car and many chose to decorate their vehicles with balloons and ribbons.

Pupil Lexi Warriner said: “The last day is a bit different to how I always imagined it would be. I am happy that my first chapter is complete, and I am moving on to Dukeries, but I will miss my primary school and its environment.

“I will always remember the teachers doing the baby shark dance in the playground to welcome us into school last September!”

Abbie Bradford said she felt sad to say goodbye. “I am feeling a bit upset because I have really loved this school,” she added.

“I have such a lot of happy memories here. I definitely want to come back again and tell my teachers how I am getting on.”

Head Anne Ingle delivered this special message for the children who will now go onto their secondary school in September.

She said: “It hasn’t been the end to primary school we all had planned for our Year 6 children. SATs, the end-of-year performance, end-of-year trip and prom were all cancelled this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. You have played a part in history by staying home and keeping safe — you have saved lives!

“We couldn’t let you leave primary school without marking this milestone in your life with a social distanced drive-by graduation to celebrate what incredible young people you are.

“You are about to take the next step on your educational journey, and this is your chance to look back with pride at your primary school journey and forward with confidence.
“As you move from primary to secondary school, have high aspirations and expectations for yourself. Remember you can be anything that you want to be.

“Be brave, take risks and be resilient ­— persevere in all endeavours. Try everything that is on offer, be creative and enjoy all the new experiences.

“You are now responsible young adults embarking on a new adventure. Continue to be a Bilsthorpe learning hero and remember what we stand for: Brave risk taker, Independent, Listen, Solves problems, Team work, Helpful, Organised, Responsible, Perseverance, Engaged. We wish you all well in your new school.”

ABOVE: It was still a fun day, despite the goodbyes at Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy as children laughed and posed for pictures with head Anne Ingle. Left to right are Jaylea Bettison, Anne Ingle, Abbie Bradford and Luke Bettles.