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22 marketing ideas just for you and your business

Posted onPosted on 15th Apr

Digital growth agency Xposure Creative has created a list of 22 practical marketing ideas that proactive businesses could use to help them get through the current crisis.

NIgel Lamb, who founded Xposure almost 24 years ago, has many years of experience helping companies to grow, in good and in less-favourable economic times.

The forward-thinking agency, which is currently offering video meetings and free consultations, has come up with a list of 22 specific marketing ideas that businesses can implement in the current climate.

Nigel said: “For obvious reasons, it has become harder and harder for businesses to survive, never mind thrive, and this is especially true for small businesses.

“New ways of marketing are having to be adopted and quickly, to try to make sure the smarter businesses still receive the leads and sales they will need.

“It’s a fact that people who have set up small businesses have an ability to be entrepreneurial, are able to think creatively and have a desire to succeed whatever the situation.

“While they will be at home, and observing all relevant Government guidelines, they will still be thinking of ways to keep their business going, and that’s why we have come up with 22 ideas that can be implemented straight away.”

The top seven tips include:

1.Sell vouchers
Everyone is waiting for this virus to pass. People still want your products or services, it’s just that they can’t access them, so why not sell vouchers to your customers so you can collect income now instead of waiting for the future?

2.Create a VIP list
Create a VIP list for your special customers who will receive the first opportunity when you reopen to book or purchase your goods. This will make them feel valued and appreciated and again they could reserve their place on this list by paying a small deposit which will be taken off their first order or appointment.

3.Build an online shop
Can you build an online shop? There are plenty of options out there, such as Shopify, that allows you to build an eCommerce shop online to sell your goods or products.

4.Collect reviews
Now is a great time to collect reviews from your customers. Again, they will be looking for ways to support you and this is easy and doesn’t cost a penny.

5.Create an Email newsletter

If your business is closed for the shutdown, then now more than ever it is important to keep in touch with your customers. If you have competitors who are open or operate online stores that sell what you sell you need to protect your clients and make sure they don’t start shopping elsewhere.

6.Make the most of Social Media
Ramp up your social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Set somewhere between 10 – 30 minutes a day to use social media to connect with your clients, search for potential new clients and join in with what is happening in your ideal client’s lives.

7.Run a competition
To connect with your customers and allow them to remember you run a competition or a quiz. This can be on email, on your website, on Facebook, Twitter etc. You can make it easy with just a simple question and answer or you can make it last over several weeks. A question a week for 4 weeks and then submit all your answers.

For the rest of the ideas that could make a difference, see

Nigel added: “Not everything will be right for everyone, but there will be something you wouldn’t have thought of that could potentially make a real difference.”

People who read the tips and want advice from Nigel and his team should email