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1,200 trees for Newark park

Posted onPosted on 12th Oct

A MAJOR programme of environmental improvements, including the planting of 1,200 trees, is under way as part of an ongoing plan to protect, promote and enhance the district’s natural environment.

In addition to the new trees, existing trees will be pruned, hedges shaped, litter removed and vegetation cleared at the Clay Lane park in Newark.

Newark and Sherwood District Council is undertaking the work to make the district greener.

Walnut, pear, oak, silver birch and wild cherry are among the extensive list of tree species due to be planted at the park and the council is inviting residents of all ages to get involved in environmental improvement works, encouraging them to play their part in enhancing and protecting their local area.

Boggy sections will be used to create a natural wildlife area for visitors to enjoy, as the environment will encourage animals such as bats, birds, frogs and toads.

Overgrown areas at the park will be cut back to make way for a larger and easier to manage grassland surrounding the pond and vegetation around the pathway extension will be cleared, creating a safer walking space and easier access to the green space.

Coun David Lloyd, leader of the council, said: “Environmental improvements such as these at Clay Lane play an invaluable role in supporting wildlife, capturing carbon and releasing oxygen into the environment.

“The project is also key in our campaign to make Newark and Sherwood greener and forms part of a wider plan of action to address carbon reduction and protect the district’s natural environment.

“The planting of new trees is vital in the fight against climate change. They help to improve the quality of our air, cool the warming planet, reduce flood risks as well as absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. By increasing the number of trees in the district, we are also assisting the government in meeting its crucial target of planting 11 million trees between now and 2022.”

The council has an on-going and long-term commitment to promote and maintain the district as Cleaner, Safer and Greener and it encourages residents to take advantage of its other award-winning parks. Sconce and Devon Park in Newark, Vicar Water Country Park in Clipstone, Sherwood Heath in Ollerton and Newark Castle and Gardens – which are all managed by the council – are among nearly 2,000 UK parks to receive the coveted Green Flag status,the mark of a quality park or green space.

Pictured, back row, from left, are Coun Mathew Skinner, grounds maintenance officer Geoff Peatfield and Coun Rita Crowe. Front, Coun David Lloyd and grounds maintenance apprentice Callum Scrimshaw.