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Students’ ideas for future of town to be published

Posted onPosted on 17th Jun

Two schoolchildren have won first and second prize in a Newark Towns Fund Boards competition for their inspiring and creative ideas for the future of Newark — and will now see their ideas published.

Jay Charles and Harrison Fletcher, of Newark Academy, which is part of the Nova Education Trust, entered the 10-13 years category.

Harrison won for his outstanding written letter, which detailed his ideas on the benefits to the community and the environment. He believes children should be involved more in shaping the future of their towns.

“I am concerned about a lack of job opportunities in the area,” said Harrison. “I’m not saying they’re bad jobs or anything, but there’s just more opportunities elsewhere.”

Jay won for his practical and passionate suggestions on fighting climate change and said: “We need action on climate change and it is us that have to play our part, giving mother nature a chance to live on.

“Young people are the future of Newark and the more they are listened to, the more likely they are to see a future for themselves in the town.

“I myself am open-minded about staying in Newark, as long as it is a safe place to live and has an eco-friendly approach to things.”

Their thought-provoking competition letters grabbed the attention of local writer Loren Hansi Gordon, who is a curator, writer and producer.

She is also the founder of Future Assembly, a platform for artists’ development and experimentation. Loren has authored two books and has published blogs and articles.

After interviewing Harrison and Jay and listening to their creativity, hopes of a better future and hearing their passion for their community and their home-town, Loren will be publishing their ideas, along with Jay’s photography.

Pictured is Sarah Clarke, of Newark Town Council, with Harrison Fletcher and Jay Charles.