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Newark firm Future Prospects Group leading the way in flexible working

Posted onPosted on 13th Aug

Future Prospects Group, a Newark professional services company that provides innovative recruitment and training services to companies around the UK, is promoting a new flexible working programme.

It has announced that its staff can continue to work from wherever they want to for the foreseeable future.

The award-winning company has just opened up its offices in Fernwood again, after being closed since March because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Although the Government has announced plans for workers to head back to offices, the team at Future Prospects Group were keen to create a hybrid approach after staff had continued to work from home throughout the lockdown.

Simon Gabbitas, managing director at Future Prospects Group, said: “As a business, we were keen to allow our team to use their own judgement and we are now focusing our attention on productivity rather than specific hours of work.

“As a business that works with other businesses to provide staffing solutions, we wanted to lead by example, as many firms look at how their staff can work in the future.”

Future Prospects Group has worked with another local firm, Jalapeno Business Services, to source and configure laptops and docking stations for all staff members, which will provide the required flexibility.

Jalapeno Business Services has also provided training on the Microsoft Teams software application, which will enable staff at Future Prospects Group to continue to communicate effectively while working remotely.

Pictured is Laurence Childs, director at Jalapeno Business Services (left) with Simon Gabbitas, managing director, Future Prospects Group.