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Midlands residents urged to help Covid-19 research

Posted onPosted on 30th Jun
Midlands residents urged to help Covid-19 research

A new survey launched this week wants to discover the impact of Covid-19 on people across the country – including the Midlands and Mansfield and Ashfield.

The IQVIA COVID-19 Active Research Experience (CARE) UK-wide survey is inviting the public to volunteer to share their everyday experience after potential exposure to Covid-19 to build an understanding of the impact of previously unexplored factors.

These include social and personal circumstances, ethnicity, age, and underlying health conditions. In addition, IQVIA CARE is seeking to establish the role of vitamins, herbal medicines and prescription medicines in symptom relief, or preventing recurrence of COVID-19 related illnesses.

People are encouraged to sign up to the IQVIA CARE survey at

The survey enables anyone within the UK over 18 years of age whether or not they have had COVID-19, whether or not they have been tested for COVID-19, to make a difference to UK and international COVID-19 real time research.

IQVIA CARE is an international public research survey, led by IQVIA, a global leader in clinical trials and real world evidence research. IQVIA is also delivering the UK COVID-19 treatment clinical trial, ACCORD, involving UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), the National Institute for Health Research and partners in the pharma, biotech sector and the UK government.

The IQVIA CARE survey aims to:
•Capture COVID-19 in the UK community and record symptom severity and progression over time.
•Provide understanding of individuals at highest risk of developing serious consequences from exposure to COVID-19, for example, the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Communities and the elderly.
•Help understand the role of personal and social circumstances, non-prescription and prescription medications, and to learn more about whether herbal remedies, vitamins, and alternative medicines make the COVID-19 symptoms better or worse.
•Assess the impact of self-isolation and the UK lockdown strategy and crucially provide valuable data to inform the exit strategy on easing lockdown, and the National Health Service (NHS) response to any second wave of the virus.
Volunteers who join the IQVIA CARE survey can, in complete confidence, share basic demographic information, current symptoms, and some medical history. They will thereafter be periodically prompted to provide updated information about any symptoms and diagnosis status in order to create a worldwide picture of virus progression over time.

IQVIA CARE participants can – if they wish – consent to further follow-up, including taking part in additional clinical research, such as COVID-19 clinical trials of potential treatments that may ease symptoms – and potentially save lives.