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Kindness on timetable for school’s pupils

Posted onPosted on 28th Feb

Children at Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy have been making acts of kindness a routine part of their school day in a plan to promote a strong community spirit.

Head teacher Anne Ingle explained: “We use Valentine’s Day as a launch to promote our Kindness Event, where staff and children join together in raising awareness of the importance for us, as human beings, to be kind to each other.

“At Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy we know that kindness is contagious, it can be passed from person to person and most importantly it inspires others to be kind too.

“Simply put, when we ourselves perform an act of kindness, this is likely to encourage others to act in a similar way.”

To help children to think about ways that they could have a positive effect during the school’s Kindness Event, they looked at how kindness makes them feel, both when receiving it, but also how it makes them feel when they show kindness to others.

Pupils carried out a range of activities throughout the event, debating kindness, creating posters, and recognising those who are kind and writing poetry. Children also found ways to recognise their families and the wider community.

Anne said the event has a lasting effect that continues beyond the event dates.

“We pride ourselves that lots of visitors to our school praise our children because they show such kindness,” she added.

“We also know that research supports our theory of the importance of kindness for a healthy life.

“It is clear that doing good things for others is good for us too. It’s a habit that can be developed anywhere, at any time, at little or no cost.

“At Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy we actively work on this and make it a habit.

“We think our own happiness quota will automatically be raised and if we can be anything, then we can definitely be kind.”