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Innovative initiative helps to stock school’s reference library

Posted onPosted on 9th Jun

The Suthers School in Newark — part of Nova Education Trust — came up with an innovative way to create their own reference library.

Needing to fill it with books, the school reached out to university students to donate a few of their textbooks to create a reference section in the library.

It’s an idea that came from Pippa Suthers, the wife of the late Martin Suthers, who the school is named after.
These books will enable students to check out books to inspire them, to read the university students’ note-taking and for them to become familiar with how reference sections work.

The invitation also extended to the whole of the local community and they were gifted hundreds of books. It was such a huge success they have decided to make it an annual event.

Reaching out over social media did not go unnoticed. Lady Diana Brittan heard about the new library project and donated an additional 500 reference books from her late husband, former Home Secretary Sir Leon Brittan, and late brother-in-law, Samuel Brittan.

Lady Brittan, pictured with students in the library, made a special visit to The Suthers School and said: “Thank you for providing such an opportunity and such an uplifting experience.

“To speak to so many students who were so self-assured and articulate — and to feel that reflected in the ethos and atmosphere around school — was wonderful.”

The Student Parliament are delighted at the prospect of yet more titles being donated to help create a reference library, which is linked to university courses.

If you would like to find out how to donate to the school library, email or follow their social media – Twitter @TheSuthersSchool or Instagram ‘TheSuthersSchool’.