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Extra prize chance for playing community lottery

Posted onPosted on 5th Nov

People across Newark and Sherwood are being urged to support their local community by playing the Newark and Sherwood Community Lottery, with the chance to win weekly prizes of up to the £25,000 jackpot and, if they enter before 1 January, the chance to also win £1,000 of Decathlon vouchers.

Lottery tickets cost £1 and there will be a weekly Saturday night draw that allows residents to choose which local group they want their money to go to, and for every ticket sold 60p goes to one of the local causes, 20% to the prize fund and the rest for running costs and VAT.

Players will have a 50 to 1 chance of winning one of the prizes, ranging from three extra tickets to the £25,000 jackpot.

Coun Tim Wendels, chairman of Newark and Sherwood District Council’s Homes and Communities Committee, said: “Recent months, more than ever, have proven the vital role that charities, voluntary and community groups play in supporting people, communities and shaping places.

“This lottery is a means of enabling charities to raise funds and to develop an income whilst ensuring financial support for a sector that is closest to our communities and their needs.

“Importantly, we are also ensuring that all proper processes are in place and that this lottery mitigates as many risks of problem gambling as possible.

“Hopefully, this gives people an option that is therefore both secure for them whilst also being dedicated to raising money for good causes.”

More than 50 local groups have signed up to the community lottery since it’s launch and it is expected to raise more than £26,000 per year for local causes.

You can buy tickets on the Newark and Sherwood Community Lottery website.