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District council donates laptops to primary pupils

Posted onPosted on 25th Jan
District council donates laptops to primary pupils

Newark and Sherwood District Council is providing up to 26 local schools with two or three laptops each to enable pupils to continue to learn from home following school closures as a result of the pandemic.

The council has reset any unused laptops and is donating them to local schools in the area.

The laptops will be a boost for families who have had to turn their living rooms into self-made classrooms. Since the new restrictions were put in place on Tuesday 5 January, pupils are being taught at home and lessons are being provided online.

For some families this is proving difficult – not only are there the difficulties of juggling work, childcare and teaching to deal with, but the cost of providing a laptop can also be a huge burden.

The council said many families are already struggling financially with the pandemic and it is keen to help and support local parents with home-schooling.

The leader of the council, Coun David Lloyd, said: “This is a great initiative from our IT colleagues and we’re pleased we can play a part in helping local pupils to learn from home.

“It’s a difficult time not only for the school children but for their parents who are now juggling childcare and teaching from home. Hopefully by donating these laptops those parents who might not be able to have the funds to provide their child with a laptop have one less head ache to worry about.

“I admire all parents who are somehow managing to add becoming a teacher into their parenting repertoire. Education is important, of course, but so is looking after yourself and doing the best that we all can right now. Whatever home learning you are able to do with your children to support their formal schooling is both vital and commendable.

“I hope that these laptops however help make home-learning just that little bit easier for the remarkable parents of our district.”

King’s C of E Primary Academy head Sarah Clarke said: “Learning from home isn’t easy for everyone and we have families who are sharing one mobile phone between three children, all trying to access their online videos and ‘teacher catch ups’ so that they can continue to make good progress.

“These parents are working incredibly hard to support their children and are so keen to give their child the same opportunities that others have.

“We strongly believe that all children deserve the same opportunities. Our school vision states that we treat all children with respect and equity – putting that simply, they all deserve to be given what it is that they need so that they have fair access to a great education. The generous donation from Newark and Sherwood District Council helps us to make this a reality.

“It also shows our children that their community believes in them and wants to help them to be a success. The difference that this will make to their sense of well-being and worth is hard to measure but we know that it is a gesture that will have a lasting impact on their futures.”